The love I have for my work transcends through the years. When I first photographed a wedding at sixteen, I was filled with excitement and lots of nerves. I was thankful for the opportunity to document one of life's largest milestones. I left the reception reminded how genuine, how kind, how full of love the world is. How could I not turn that experience into a career? As a ‘seasoned’ photographer today, I still get excited for every wedding. I hold the importance and significance of each wedding day in my heart. Still, I tear up during vows, I laugh at dinner speeches, I’ll bust a move on the dance floor with the bridal party because my clients turn into much more than that. It is important to me that we are comfortable with one another so my work can reflect your story. I see honest love transcend race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. I see real, raw, organic love every day, and it reminds me all over again why I do what I do. 

I am an alumna from Columbia College Chicago where I doubled-majored in Photography and Creative Writing. I have a background in documentary series’ and photojournalism. With my journalistic speed, artistic eye, and natural attention to detail, I am a visual storyteller with my lens. Photographing portraits are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. But, I know being in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking (that’s why I’m behind it!) Every part of your story is meaningful to me and it is important to make you as relaxed as possible. I specialize in capturing the ‘little moments.’ A wedding day flies by and I make it a priority for my clients to take a moment, reflect, and allow my them to be tender and natural with one another. I am super organized so you don’t have to do anything but have fun!

I document with a purpose. I vow to capture that moment your bride/groom first saw you, the tears Mom shed during your vows, the first smile after the “I Do’s,” the way hands were held during dinner speeches, or the way Dad busted his moves on the dance floor. You might not remember that look they gave you right after your first dance, the way your hand rested on their lower back as you helped them walk up those stairs, or that huge laugh you shared when you thought no one was looking. My photographs will tell all of the parts of your story that you will not want to forget.

At a wedding you can catch me tearing up, folding pocket squares, pinning boutonnieres, being goofy to make you laugh during portraits, or busting a move on the dance floor!